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What is AllergomeConsumer?

Aim of AllergomeConsumer is to provide the consumer with food allergy problems with a simple and useful tool for information.

The operating target of AllergomeConsumer is to collect detailed information about food ingredients present not only in food products for human use, but even in a series of product lines like cosmetics, drugs, and animal food. The collection will deal with both industrial and artisanal products, try to encompass the whole spectrum of ingredients of food nature.

The evolving archive will be free accessible for retrieving data by the consumer.

AllergomeConsumer is a project linked with the Allergome platform, a professional web site hosting the largest worldwide repository of allergenic sources, but mainly allergenic molecules.

I.F.A.R.A.I. Onlus and AllergomeConsumer

The AllergomeConsumer project has been just launched in collaboration with I.F.A.R.A.I. Onlus .

IFARAI Onlus is a non-profit organization whose scope is fund rising to provide financial resources to research on allergic and immunologic diseases.

IFARAI Onlus associates will join the Project helping to collect labels in order to have the most comprehensive AllergomeConsumer archives.

Visit the IFARAI Onlus web site, be a member and donate to support the AllergomeConsumer project.

Collaborate with AllergomeConsumer

The first goal to be achieved is to collect the highest number of commercial products containing food-related compounds.

The collection is broaded from labels of food products to those of cosmetics, drugs, and of products for pet or any animal feeding. That is because allergens can be present or hidden in those products containg food-based materials.

The start of the project is based on what is really consumed, a "Real life project".

If you are based in Italy, collect the products' labels you buy daily and save them for the AllergomeConsumer.

Download here the "Manual of the label collector" and you will get all the instructions on how to contribute.

At the moment you can monitor our work by following statistics displayed on this page. You may contact us by email at:

allergomeconsumer@ifarai.org .

At the moment the AllergomeConsumer project is based on the Italian market. If you are interested in setting a similar project in your own Country, please contact us sending your personal CV and motivation for running a sister national project.

About us and contacts:

Alessandro Brunetti
Adriano Mari
Sara Nuti
Silvia Monti

Allergy Data Laboratories s.c.
Via Malipiero 28
04100 Latina
Tel +39 3476951681
Tel +39 330860005

Or go to the IFARAI Onlus web site:

AllergomeConsumer's Statistics

Last update February 21, 2018 - 5:41:57 PM

15912 Packages have been collected and processed

To date have been entered:

  • 5208 Manufacturers
  • 5824 Ingredients
  • 8704 Products